• Information here is typical of our machines. Capabilities may change in order to meet your requirements.
• Feel free to contact us for more specific information regarding these machines.
Fuji de-stacker loader metalforming equipment
• Automatic two loading station system allows for continuous operation of line
• Advanced Double Blank Detection technology
• Versatile design allows for almost all blank sizes, material and shapes
Fuji multi roll bending machine
Multi Roll Bending Machine
• 500 pipes per hour max. with no defects
• No straight edges Unique Patented Roll Configuration allows for near perfect roundness
• Length, thickness, and diameter dimensions can easily be configured
• Work finishes in easy to remove position, with joint to be welded facing up, to minimize production time
• Diameter setting can be changed in 15 seconds
Fuji urethane bending equipment
Urethane Bending Machine
• Mark-free bending for your sensitive applications
• Cost efficient for even small runs
• Perfect roundness along edges, suitable for both rolling and angle bending
Fuji metalform shrinking machines
Shrinking Machine
• Promotes a high level of stability and strength in seams, greatly reducing the number of defects later in the production process
• Achieves high degree of precision in circumference
Fuji Laser, Plasma, TIG and MAG/MIG welding equipment
Welding Machine
• Our patented "Tunnel Welding System" strongly secures the work in place as it passes through a stationary torch in the "tunnel", creating strong, perfectly straight welds every time that won't crack or mark.
• Patented design automatically maintains alignment and prevents slippage drastically reducing defects compared to traditional seamwelders
• Laser, Plasma, TIG and MAG/MIG welding equipment with power source all available
• Can be incorporated into lines easily when work-piece enters and exits on one path
• CNC Controls regulate the speed of the work for higher productivity without sacrificing performance

Fuji metal expanding machine
Expanding Machine (circumference)
• Uses Fuji's patented technology which allows the most precise and accurate inner diameter that your specs require
• 8, 9, and 12, pressure point models available based on your production needs
• Length and width easily configured
Fuji NC trimming machine
Trimming Machine
• Using NC Controls trims to the most precise measurements every time
• Two, three, and four axes NC Control models available
• Available in stationary work and stationary blade types
Fuji punch press metal forming machine
Punch Press
• Capable of handling any specialized task; punching, flanging (in/out), bulging, de-burring
• Each press made especially for your needs
• Built in transfer system allows for 2 tasks to be performed easily
Fuji NC controlled spinning machine for metalforming
CNC Machining Spinning Machine
• CNC Controlled rollers allow for the manufacture of the most sophisticated profiles and contours
• After spinning, Edge cutting and Chamfering can also be performed
• Completely programmable Digital Control Touch Panel maintains ease and quickness for setup

CNC Machining Spinning Machine
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