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Exactly 34 years to the month of moving to the Nishiyodgawa area of Osaka, Japan's second largest city as well as it's manufacturing base, Fuji Machine Works completed construction on it's new production facility. The new building, in addition to it's existing facilities, will greatly expand it's capability in the research, development and manufacturing of individual metal forming machines and systems. In the words of the company president, Mr. Masayoshi Fujita, "This new addition not only lessens our lead time and production costs, but more importantly allows us to devote more floor space to the research and development of individual solutions for our customers."

With the added capacity of the new facility, Fuji Machine has been able to realign it's production process, thereby making it more efficient. The new space is devoted solely to the manufacturing of machines and line equipment. This opens up their original facility for the purpose of research and development. This move cements Fuji's commitment to seek individual manufacturing solutions for it's customers: Constantly seeking ways to provide metal forming equipment that lower production costs while not sacrificing flexibility or durability. As the metal forming industry and it's customers look for new ways to streamline and economize production processes, Fuji shows it's determination to be a solution developer, not merely a machine manufacturer.

All of us at Fuji would like to thank our customers for helping us be successful over the past 30 years, thereby making this expansion possible. We intend this new facility to solidify our promise that through hard work, innovation, and attention to your needs, we will continue to develop manufacturing equipment and solutions that will make your business more profitable. Period.

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Founded in Fukushima-ku, Osaka City, as a maker of pressing machines

Moved operations to Nishiyodogawa-ku

Because of business expansion, company was incorporated under the current name FUJI Machine Works Co., Ltd.

Developed and produced Motor Frame Forming Machine

Developed and produced Compressor Case Forming Machine

Installed Motor frame production line

Developed innovative tunnel welding process (patent obtained in 1990)

Developed expanding machine (patent obtained in 1993)

Entered into a technical sharing agreement with Jammes Industrie S.A. of France , including the licensing of the multi-roll machine patent, while reserving sales rights in countries not including Europe and the USA

Expanded overseas sales of the Compressor Case Production Line

Began sales of Catalytic Converter Production Line as one of our featured products along with the Compressor Case Line

Expanded product line up; increased capability in the research, development and manufacturing areas with opening of new facility

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