Your needs are unique, so are our solutions.
Since the establishment of Fuji Machine, our focus has remained on the customer's needs; the development and production of cost-effective hydraulic presses and forging equipment tailor made to fit the client's wishes. Fuji was a pioneer in the development of hydraulic presses and forging equipment, and has continued to devote resources to the development of original technologies and has steadily advanced the use of hydraulics in labor saving machines.

Because we understand that each customer's needs are unique, Fuji Machine Works operates on a custom order basis. Working hand in hand with the customer, taking into account their emphasis on such variables as unit cost, productivity, user flexibility and the like, we can develop a system that perfectly matches their needs. And because this is how we normally do business, we have perfected the process to do so with the shortest possible lead times without sacrificing quality.

A solution developer, not just a machine builder.

We believe it is not enough to simply repeat building the same machine. We prove that by committing an entire facility solely to R&D. Each new project takes us one step further as we challenge ourselves to make new technological advances. Each completed project improving the process and preparing us for the next. That's why no request by the customer for machine performance is considered impossible. This attitude has enabled us to develop the most advanced and sophisticated machinery, each one better than the last, with over 400 projects completed.

The needs of today's manufacturers are becoming more and more diverse and so is the equipment that they require. Variables such as desired unit cost, rates of productivity, and sophistication of finished products are treated with different degrees of importance among manufacturers. All manufacturers needs are not equal and neither should the equipment they demand. At Fuji Machine, we tackle every project with an emphasis on teamwork, the customer and our engineers working seamlessly. We view the situation from the customer's point of view and develop solutions tailored to their specific needs, not just suggesting existing products that may best fit their situation.

The opening of our new manufacturing facility in March 2002 has allowed us to introduce a new streamlined production process and expanded R&D capabilities. Along with our talented team of engineers who are committed to creating the next age of equipment, Fuji Machine is well positioned to continue to be a leader in the development of production technology and manufacturing solutions.

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