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Fuji Machine Works is a world leader in the production of complete lines and individual machines of metal forming equipment. We offer a diverse product lineup of metal working machines such as precision CNC machines used for metal spinning; roll forming equipment; and specialized sheet metal forming machines used for spin forming, bending, shearing, deburring, metal punching and other tasks. We are dedicated to the development of new technologies and methods to meet your unique manufacturing needs, like our new On Demand Pipe Forming System, an in-house tube production machine which is also ideal for prototype manufacturing. (More details can be found on Our Latest Products page)

Fuji Machine equipment can be found throughout North America, Europe and Asia and is used by leading manufacturers such as Toyota, Toshiba, Mitsubishi and many others. The higher the precision you expect, the lower the finished product cost you request, the more developmental creativity we demand of ourselves.

At Fuji Machine Works, we don't merely find a machine from our lineup that best matches your needs. We develop metal forming equipment, custom made to meet your diverse specifications, and we have the patents to prove it. That's why manufacturers in all kinds of industry; mufflers, catalytic converters and other automobile and truck parts, compressors, electric motors, boilers and more choose Fuji Machine Works equipment.

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ISO 9001 Certified
Fuji Machine Works Co., Ltd. has been ISO 9001 certified since May 2006, showing we meet the highest standards of quality, achieve continual improvement of performance, and fulfill our customer's satisfaction.
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